Must Have Microsoft or Microsoft Must Have

Microsoft is inescapable. Seriously. Even if you use Linux or are a the MacOS type. Love them, or hate them, Microsoft is part of our lives and they're here to stay.

As a Linux user, it is nice to see Microsoft's policy change in its regard. Like many, I was skeptical in the beginning but that may be starting to change. I still have my doubts but Microsoft is making the right overtures, even the recent acquisition of Gitlab has not turned into the nightmarish scenario envisioned by open advocates. Rather, much the opposite has been the result. Of course there was quite a bit of defection at first but a lot of that has calmed as the dust settles. Microsoft has began open sourcing, as well. So much so, that it is bordering on amazing. It's new 'partnership' with Linux and open source communities is not isolated. Microsoft has thrown in with Android as the mobile platform of choice. So much so that one might think Android is a Microsoft product. Google Play is full of M…

Firefox Has Some Awesome Hidden Abilities - Like A Better Way To View And Save Images From Websites

Firefox Quantum, Mozilla's open-source browser, is really pretty awesome. For one, it got a whole new makeover and it now looks as good as it performs and believe me, it performs. I found it to be noticeably faster and more responsive than Chrome/Chromium. Quantum starts faster and stays faster, even with multiple tabs filling the width of the screen. One of the less obvious features of Firefox is nothing new, but it sure makes grabbing images from websites easier. Sure you can right-click on any image and select Save As. You can do that from any browser. That is not hidden gem I am speaking of. No, the gem I am speaking of is the View Page Info option you find when you right-click on a web-page. Many of the images I save are source material for articles i write. For me, the View Page Info option is the way to go. If you have not yet explored this option in Firefox, you need to. It really simplifies the process of finding and saving the material you want, such as background images. …

How To Make Web Applications Run Natively On Your Linux (Or Any Other OS) Desktop

Web applications are now a part of computing life and they offer a way to run software that may not be available to Linux natively. Even though Linux users have access to these website applications the browser tends to get in the way with its tabs and clutter. Because of this developers have created workarounds in the form of web-wrappers, usually Electron, to make the website application work from the desktop. Many options are available for that task. WebCatalog is one but now only allows you to wrap two websites, unless you pay for the software. Nativefier is a command-line option that works great. It is fairly easy and without limitation, but some users do not feel comfortable enough with the terminal for that to be an option. Personally, I feel you are missing out if you do not at least familiarize yourself with the command-line because it allows you full access to the power of Linux. I like GUI, when it is done right but many GUI front-ends actually only allow basic functionality. …

Use This Script To Download Full Circle Magazine The Easy Way

**This article is based on a post that first appeared at back in 2012. Here is the link to that article - - I implemented the steps described in the original post and tested the validity of the script. Full Circle Magazine is a great free resource for GNU/Linux users, especially Ubuntu. It often includes fantastic tutorials on how to use some of the best open-source software. I have been a fan of Full Circle Magazine since discovering it two years ago and thought it would be great if the steps described in the above's post still worked. The post was so old, I did not expect it would. Well, I was wrong so I am putting it back out there for other fans of that great magazine. I do a lot of work with open-source graphics software, such as Gimp and Inkscape. Some of the special editions dedicated to the use of those applications have been indispensable in helping me learn how to …